Bird Pigeon Baby Rose Clip Art Vintage Illustration

bird baby rose image pigeon illustration clipart download vintage
pigeon clip art

Today I've posted a lovely whimsical vintage bird clip art of a pretty pigeon. What makes this bird image whimsical is that a little baby angel is riding on the pigeon's back. The angel is carrying a single, pink rose. The pink ribbon used reins for the pigeon is very cute. This vintage pigeon and angel clip art would perhaps make a wonderful design element for Valentine's project.

vintage pigeon illustration download .png

Christmas Peacock Feather Birds Holly Vintage Holiday Clip Art

peacock bird feather christmas holly image clipart
Christmas clip art image

Today I've posted an amazing Victorian Christmas clip art! This beautiful Victorian Christmas image is of two birds, Canaries, with a sprig of Holly. One canary gifts the other with the beautifully traditional plant. The birds are standing on a large, colorful Peacock feather, which is a symbol of Christmas. This pretty Christmas image is perfect for handmade greeting cards and amazing paper tree decorations.

christmas birds peacock holly victorian image clipart
Christmas clip art download .png

Free Lily Flowers Greeting Card Design Printable Bird Pigeon Image

bird dove image greeting printable clipart download vintage artwork
printable dove greeting download

This is a lovely, printable bird greeting card design created from a Victorian paper scrap greeting. The beautiful dove bird image is stunning! The dove is framed by lily flowers, and other flowers, and a small area perfect for a personalized sentiment. In the bottom right corner there is a little banner design. With a little creativity, you can put any message for any occasion. However, with the symbols of the lily flowers and dove, this printable greeting is perfect for Easter greetings.

printable dove greeting image download .png

Antique Illustrations Flower Trade Cards Botanical Artwork Morning Glories Nasturtium

flower morning glory botanical artwork image clipart illustration
printable flower clip art image

flower nasturtium botanical art image clipart illustration
printable flower clip art image

These are two beautiful digital images of Victorian flower trade cards distributed by the Arm & Hammer Brand company. The bright flower illustration are gorgeous! Both of these digital botanical artwork images are perfect for lots of crafting projects, including handmade greetings, gift tags, or seed packets. The first digital flower clip art is of Morning Glory flowers. The second digital flower clip art is of stunning Nasturtium flowers. 

Printable Flower Trade Cards Geranium Wildflowers Crafting Designs

flower geranium image trade card victorian clipart printable
Victorian flower trade card image

flower wildflower botanical artwork trade card image victorian
Victorian flower trade card image

Today I've posted two lovely digital images of Victorian flower trade cards. Both of these flower trade cards were distributed by Arm & Hammer Brand company, and they're so pretty. The first digital flower clip art is of Geranium flowers. The second digital wildflower clip art image is of Heliotrope and Lily of the Valley flowers. These botanical artworks would look so wonderful on handmade greetings, gift tags, or invitations.

Free Flying Bird Image Digital Corner Design Printable Crafting Artwork

bird flying animal image clipart digital illustration
flying bird image download

Today I've posted a pretty digital flying bird image. This lovely digital bird image is of a pretty bird in flight. The bird's feathers have lots of deep, rich shades of blue, brown, black, and white. This vintage bird image makes a very nice digital corner design because of the shape of the bird image. The bird clip art would be a wonderful design element on greeting cards, stationary sets, or journalling spots.

flying bird image animal illustration design clipart stock

flying bird digital clip art image .png

Vintage Girls Clip Art Flowers Roses Butterflies Images

girl butterflies image vintage drawing artwork digital clipart
girl playing with butterflies image

girl flowers roses vintage image drawing artwork digital clipart
girl picking roses image

These are two adorable digital girl clip art downloads created from vintage Victorian paper scraps. These scraps are a bit worn and distressed, but I always think the aged look adds so much charm. The first digital girl clip art is of a little girl happily playing with lots of butterflies. Red, blue, and yellow butterflies float around her, and she looks happy playing with them. The second digital girl download is of a little girl carrying fresh picked roses in her long skirt. No doubt she's going home to put those pretty, pink roses in a lovely vase.

vintage girl clip art downloads .png

Free Christmas Holly Image Holiday Clip Art Botanical Artwork

christmas holly image digital botanical artwork illustration
vintage Christmas clip art image

Today I've posted a lovely vintage Christmas clip art image of Holly and berries. This vintage Christmas printable image is perfect for gift tags, greeting cards, and handmade Christmas Tree ornaments. I can also imagine this digital Holly clip art on party invitations. The shape of the botanical artwork illustration is great for a border decoration around pretty fonts on all sorts of Christmas crafting projects.

christmas holly image digital clip art printable crafting download
digital Christmas Holly clip art download .png


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